(36 Credit Hours)


(36 Credit Hours)


(38 Credit Hours)


(40 Credit Hours)
Courses:36 Credit Hours
Research Project: 4 Credit Hours


MTS101 Calculus-1 and Plane Geometry
ECO103 Principles of Microeconomics
MTS102  Introduction to Statistics
SSC101 English Grammar and Composition
SSC151 Pakistan History
MIS103 Introduction to Computer Applications



MTS204 Calculus-III
MTS211 Discrete Mathematics
ECO201 Intermediate Microeconomics
SSC301/HUM357 Socioeconomic Philosophy of Islam / Philosophy, Logic & Ethics
MTS112 Applied Probability
Non-specialization area elective-2


MTS301 Real Analysis
MTS303 Advanced Differential Equation
MTS305 Abstract Algebra-1
ECO312 Microeconomics
ECO341 Introduction to Econometrics
Non-specialization area elective-4



MTS441 Functional Analysis-1
MTS412 Abstract Algebra-2
MTS Math Elective-1
ECO411 Research Methods for Economics
ECO403 Major Issues in Pakistan’s Economy
ECO Elective-2


MTS110 Mathematical Methods                
ECO104 Principles of Macroeconomics
MTS202 Statistical Inference
MTS232 Calculus-II and Solid Geometry
HUM201 Speech Communication
Non-specialization area elective-1



MTS203 Linear Algebra
MTS241 Introduction to Differential Equations
MTS210 Regression Analysis and Experiment Design
ECO202 Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECO301 Development Economics
Non-specialization area elective-3


MTS302 Complex Analysis
MTS304 Stochastic Processes
MTS306 Numerical Analysis
ECO313 Macroeconomics
ECO342 Applied Econometrics
ECO Elective-1


MTS414 Scientific Computing for Linear PDEs
MTS412 Functional Analysis-2
MTS Math Elective-2
ECO512 International Trade
ECO Elective-3
ECO Elective-4

ECO441/MTS471 Final year Research Project (Math or Eco)