Message from Chairperson

Dr. Muhammad Nasir

Welcome to the official website of the Department of Economics, IBA Karachi. Economics plays a pivotal role in our daily lives as we face the challenge of allocating scarce resources among different competing ends on a daily basis. If you are interested in understanding the complexities of national and global economic environment, poverty and developmental issues, public policy, the role of central bank and financial institutions, then economics is the field for you.

The Department of Economics at IBA Karachi offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degree programs namely, BS Economics, BS Economics & Mathematics, MS Economics and PhD Economics. These programs have enriched curriculums that include wide range of theoretical and empirical courses ranging from foundation to advanced level to equip students with the knowledge and skills to meet the emerging needs of rapidly changing global economic environment. These courses are complemented by extensive laboratory sessions aimed at giving hands on experience of data handling and analysis through advanced and sophisticated software.

The highly qualified and experienced faculty members enable and foster this learning environment through their sheer dedication, hard work and passion for the subject. This is the reason that, as of today, Department of Economics has the highest number of full professors at IBA Karachi. Leading national and international economists also join from time to time as part of Guest Speaker Sessions, Distinguished Lecture Series, seminars, conferences and short courses.

I encourage all prospective candidates to visit the website in detail, go through the curriculums and feel free to write us if you need any further information or guidance.

Dr. Muhammad Nasir
Chairperson Department of Economics