Department of Economics launches book "Policy Response During Challenging Times: Insights From the Federal Budget 2020-21 a Way Forward"

Department of Economics launches book

The Book is authored by Dr. S Akbar Zaidi, Dr. Asma Hyder, Dr. Qazi Masood, Dr. Muhammad Sabir, Dr. Walillah, Dr. Adnan Haider, Dr. Aadil Najkhoda and Mr. Asif Iqbal. During the launch authors highlighted that in order to achieve the targeted GDP growth of 2.1% in FY21, the government needs to increase public investment by about 29% to 32% along with easing the provision of credit to the private sector by about 32 to 35%. However, the private credit channel may not work in this pandemic situation, as private investors are hesitant to invest in this uncertain and vulnerable situation.

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