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PhD Economics (Morning Program)

PhD (Economics] program is designed to provide a solid background in theory, quantitative methods, and applications appropriate to the needs of economists involved in policy planning, analysis, and forecasting of public and private sectors. The curriculum of this program has been designed to meet the international standards. We hope the students will find the program to be intellectually challenging and personally rewarding.


PhD (Economics) emphasizes on applied economics, and caters to the growing market for economic analysts. Graduates from this program will be able to teach and conduct quality research in the fields of their interest, and will be prepared for careers in universities, research organizations, business enterprises, government organizations, and multinational companies.

Credit Hours:
  PhD Economics Course Load
    Course Credit Hours
A Core Courses 7 26
B Elective Courses 4 14
C Dissertation 1 27
  Total Credit Hours   67




Duration of the PhD program is 4-5 years. The maximum time allowed is 8 years.



MS / M.Phil / equivalent degree in Economics or related discipline from HEC recognized local and foreign universities with minimum 3 out of 4 CGPA or 60% marks in the last degree. All equivalency claims shall be evaluated by HEC.


Experience is not mandatory for admission to PhD program. IBA allows the candidates to apply for admission whose final results have not been announced.


The admission may be conditional pending submission of the required results before the date of commencement of classes.


Admission Criteria:

Admissions to all programs at the IBA are granted on merit, and there are no reserved seats of any category. The criterion for admission is the performance of the applicant in admission test and interview. The admission test is a written test from three subjects: English, Mathematics and Economics. Candidates who have a minimum 650 score in quantitative section of GRE [International) or 160 score in quantitative section of Revised GRE [International] are exempted from the IBA admission test. The candidates who pass the admission test qualify for the interview. Candidates are required to submit statement of purpose and two reference letters from the institute / university last attended before the interview.


Teaching/Research Assistant Positions for Ph.D. students:

IBA offers Teaching/Research Assistant positions to Ph.D. students along with a tuition fee waiver. Teaching/Research Assistants cannot be simultaneously employed elsewhere.


Comprehensive Examinations:

Students are required to pass comprehensive examinations for Microeconomic  Theory, Macroeconomic Theory and  one Field Examination. A maximum of three attempts will be allowed for the comprehensive examinations. Students are however required to pass both comprehensive examinations within two years from the commencement of PhD program.


Oral defense of the PhD dissertation proposal: At the end of the third year, students are expected to present and defend their PhD proposal before the dissertation committee. The dissertation will be examined by two external examiners from academically advanced countries.


Dissertation Defense:

Students are expected to submit and defend their dissertation [27 credit hours] within two years after successful completion of their course work.


Semester-wise sequence of PhD courses
  Semester – 1 (FALL) Course Code Credit Hours Pre-Requisite
1 Microeconomic Theory II EC0631 3 ECO531
2 Macroeconomic Theory II EC0632 3 ECO532
3 Elective I


3 -
  Semester – 2 (Spring) Course Code Credit Hours Pre-Requisite
1 Microeconomic Theory III EC0641 4 EC0631
2 Econometric Analysis- I ECO647 3 MTS536, ECO537
3 Elective II


3 -
  Semester – 3 (Fall) Course Code Credit Hours Pre-Requisite
1 Macroeconomic Theory III EC0642 4 EC0632
2 Econometric Analysis- II ECO648 4 EC0641
3 Elective III - 4 -
  Semester – 4 (Spring) Course Code Credit Hours Pre-Requisite
1 Graduate Research Seminar for PhD



ECO641, 642 & 648

2 Elective IV




  Semester – 5 (onward) Course Code Credit Hours Pre-Requisite
  PhD Thesis





Major Areas of Specialization (Electives):



Development Economics

International Trade

Public Finance

Monetary Economics

Environmental Economics

Industrial Organization

Financial Economics

Labor Economics


For further details visit:economics.iba.edu.pk

For any queries regarding the program, please contact:
Phone: (+92-21) 38104700

Dr. Heman Das Lohano
Chairperson, Economics Department
Phone: (+92-21) 38104700 (Ext 1622)
Fax: +9221-38103008

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