Seminar Series 08-2020

Topic: : Cities & Floods: Recent Experience of Monsoon Rains in Karachi

Date: September 11, 2020:

The devastating rains of this monsoon season has lashed many areas of Sindh particularly Karachi and caused damage to life, property, and infrastructure on a large scale. Ms. Sarah Nizamani, Mr. Shah Munir Khan and Mr. Shujaat Hussain shared the findings of preliminary survey conducted soon after the recent monsoon rains and flooding in the Karachi city. Survey covered the self-perceived loss and damages to housing, business and public sectors reported by more than 500 respondents from all six districts of Karachi. Dr. Ajaz shared his insights on recent floods and best practices related to flood management. Prof. A. K. Enamul Haq is a Professor of Economics at East West University, Dhaka - Bangladesh, gave a detailed presentation on urban flood planning with regard to the flooding events experienced by Bangladesh and the key learnings and lessons from these events. Ms. Naheed Shah Durrani, Secretary - Ministry of Environment & Climate Change, was invited to the session as a key note speaker. She gave a detailed talk on the challenges posed by the climate change to South Asia in general and Pakistan in particular. She highlighted the threat of water scarcity and possible repercussions of global warming to the coastal areas. She stressed upon the need of agricultural best practices, urban planning and use environment friendly technology. She urged students and young graduates to start environment friendly entrepreneurial ventures given the huge potential and opportunities in this area.


  • Sarah Nizamani, Research Fellow CBER
  • Shah Munir, PhD Student IBA
  • Shujaat Hussain, PhD Student IBA
  • Ajaz Ahmed, Assistant Professor, IBA
  • Dr. A. K. Enamul Haque, East- West University Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Ms. Naheed Shah Durrani, Secretary Ministry of Environment and Climate Change


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