About the Department

The department of economics at IBA, Karachi is committed to excellence in research, undergraduate and graduate education. Two undergraduate programs: BS Economics and BS Economics & Mathematics are very competitive in nature. The students learn theory, empirical investigation and policy analysis. The classroom and on-campus experience help the students to be trained as modern day economists for national and international economic institutions, researchers and as policy analysts. The department's "Economics Research Seminar Series (ERSS)" provide students a platform for dialogue on range of topics both for national and international interests. The PhD and MS students regularly present their on-going research, interact with invited scholars and guest speakers and regularly write on local economic issues. All the faculty members are highly trained, doing quality research and internationally renowned in their fields.

Message from Chairperson

Dr. Muhammad Nasir

Welcome to the official website of the Department of Economics, IBA Karachi. Economics plays a pivotal role in our daily lives as we face the challenge of allocating scarce resources among different competing ends on a daily basis. If you are interested in understanding the complexities of national and global economic environment, poverty and developmental issues, public policy, the role of central bank and financial institutions, then economics is the field for you. The Department of Economics at IBA Karachi offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degree programs namely, BS Economics, BS Economics & Mathematics, MS Economics and PhD Economics. These programs have enriched curriculums that include wide range of theoretical and empirical courses ranging from foundation to advanced level to equip students with the knowledge and skills to meet the emerging needs... read more...

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